A Boutique Meat Butcher, Caterer & Dinner Consultants

About Us

Our Story...

Once upon a time, a man fell in love with a chef, and she brought out the butcher in him. He sought out to find the best beef, and together they deliver the finest steaks and roasts to your dinner tables.


What makes our beef special?

Organic cattle

Antibiotic free

No growth hormones


Chilled, never frozen

How it works!

"The Butcher and the Chef" is a boutique home delivery (only) meat caterer and butcher shop that offers gourmet Black Angus Beef at any prep level convenient for you: 

NAKED:  Cleaned and butchered, 

GROOMED:  Seasoned or marinated and ready for the grill,

DRESSED:  Cooked and ready to be devoured.

Contact Us

Please call!

The Butcher and the Chef are here to guide you though the available cuts and grades, as well as quantities and prep levels.

THE BUTCHER  +962. 79. 875 0240

THE CHEF  +962. 79. 741 0145

Delivery Hours

Daily: 9am - 9pm

Please allow 

24 hrs for NAKED or GROOMED orders

48 hrs for DRESSED orders